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Hi, my name is Mark Schmudde. I have always been artistic and creative. I have found several different ways to express this. I have been a professional make up artist since 1994. I have done make up and special effects for numerous films. I also do videos, live satellite media tours, commercials, photo shoots and weddings. Something new that I have added is doing parties for kids. I will do injury simulation for boys (and girls if they are interested) and mini beauty parties for girls.

I have done a number of movies where I end up being the entire make up and special effects department. On one of the latest movies I did, I was responsible for simulation of "death" for 16 people in some of the most unique ways. Being that I do special effects make up, I am very interested in doing disaster drill simulations. I have done a disaster drill for the Orlando Volunteer Fire Department, in conjunction with Universal Studios Orlando. My "victim" was even featured on the Channel 4 News.

I have been selected to be one of the make up artists for a new reality show called "Shut Up and Model!" through the website, of which I am a member. My member number there is 116948. Feel free to check out my work there as well.  You can see A LOT more of my make up work there.

I also do Scenic Paint work. I do faux finish, murals, airbrush, and backgrounds. Some of the companies I have done scenic work for include: Disney, Universal Studios Orlando, Nickelodeon, ABC News, and Great America (part of Warner Brothers). I have done murals as small as about 2" wide (on the hood of a model car) to over 200' (at Great America).

One of my other creative outlets is building model cars. As previously mentioned, I am very artistic so I put a lot of detail into my models. They can also be used as miniatures for film work.

I also do body paint.  It is a great way to get attention for your conventions, photography, modeling and advertising.  

As you can see when you click on the Gallery, I do a variety of things. I am always looking for new challenges.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my site!



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